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Toolkits for Employers

Employers for Change Toolkits

Below is a downloadable PDF of our Employer Toolkit. This is a summary of the information covered by our website and can be used as a resource for Employers and Managers. 


Employers for Change and Ibec Reasonable Accommodation Guide 

Employers for Change and Ibec have created a Reasonable Accommodation Guide to: 

  • inform employers of their obligation to provide reasonable accommodations, 
  • provide information about when accommodations should be offered 
  • give guidance to employers on writing a reasonable accommodation statement, and 
  • share examples of reasonable accommodations. 


Inclusive & Accessible Communications Toolkit

We have developed an inclusive communications toolkit which will act as a support for employers to ensure that they are not excluding any members of their team or potential candidates who have disability by producing inaccessible documents and communications. We want employers to be aware of the small and intentional changes they can make to ensure they are consistently removing barriers for people with disabilities. We also want to draw attention to the tools that are available/built in to the everyday programmes that our teams use. Ultimately our goal is to raise awareness and empower employers with the knowledge they need to create to more equitable and inclusive workplaces. A training course on inclusive and accessible communications is also available, please contact to learn more.

Inclusive Recruitment Toolkit

Are you looking for practical, evidenced-based methods of implementing inclusive recruitment strategies in your organisation? The Open Doors Initiative and Employers for Change have developed an Inclusive Recruitment toolkit and comprehensive training course. In creating this toolkit, which is supported by AIB, research was carried out in partnership with Atlantic Technological University (ATU) to understand the specific barriers for people from marginalised communities when seeking employment and the best strategies for becoming truly inclusive in the hiring process. To learn more about the Inclusive Recruitment training programme, please contact

Additional Toolkits, Guides & Resources

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